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New Environment, Same Ambitions

by dimensionaltales

Settling into Ohio is still a new concept for me. I mean, I’ve lived in Philadelphia for most of my life. Never knew own of anything else outside of the tristate area except for the occasional convention traveling and tournament hosting. So, Ohio is going to take a little of getting used to for me.

My first week in my new environment is coming to an end and it has already been a wicked whirlwind of excitement, annoyance, and learning.

Starting off slow, my older brother and I had to endure a nine-hour car ride to Ohio. Now, think about this for a second: I have ADHD and my brother have ADD. So, you can imagine that we were having a hard time sitting still and staying focus which made the trip that much more entertaining. We even manage to make other people laugh when we had to stop for gas or food – which was often because I’m a bit of an eater. When we finally got to Ohio, my new “boss”/friend met my brother and ended up taking a shining to him because of our shared humor. Luckily, my brother decided to stay the weekend with me because I wasn’t exactly ready to say “goodbye” just yet.

So, my time in Ohio, thus far, has been slow. However, this is only because my job/title in Premium Retail hasn’t transferred over, yet, so I can’t work which me with a little bit of cabin fever to overcome. Hopefully, I can start working next week because I really need stay mobile; there’s only so much writing I can do while staying in the house all day.

On the plus side, I’ve completed a multitude of outlines:

  • Twelve short stories for my Dimensions series (eight for Volume 2 & four for Volume 3)
  • Three outlines for my LGBT+ series (Crime, Romance & Trafficking)
  • Rest of the character roster for my Space Opera (I’ve yet to come up with a name for the series; hopefully, it’ll come to me since I still have a lot of work to do before writing the first book for it.)

As you probably tell, the LGBT+ series is going to get pretty dark before the light is found but the journey is going to delightful to write and read, nonetheless. I’m really excited for my series BUT I must to carefully when planning and mapping. That goes for all my series, I take great pride in my work.

As such, I won’t be able to relax while I’m at Grand Rapids Comic Con because I still got races and planets to outline and a timeline to formulate for the Space Opera series as well as run a Game Room and tournaments. But, I will TRY to have some fun in the process. Alas, such is the responsibilities and duties of a writer and an adult.

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