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I’m Almost There

by dimensionaltales

Just finished one of my major projects for my Linguistic Class and a thought occurred to me. In November 2022, I started my side-quest of getting my Master’s. Initially, it was supposed to be an MFA but my past laziness came back to haunt me. No worries, I’ll just get to it when I move to Spain – maybe I can learn at the same university I’ll teach at. Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. I’m looking at my calendar and…I’m five classes and a final course away from finishing my Master’s!

Yeah, that revelation hit me pretty hard and I’m gitty with excitement and anticipation. With this, I will be able to teach high school and undergraduate in Spain – my next country. It’s funny…my alma mater, Central High School, gave me the idea of teaching there but my family and I agreed that Europe is better. The standards are higher and the curriculum all but guaranteed success for the truly dedicated. Well…that’s what we see on paper, anyway. The point remains the same: I’m not teaching nor teaching the States.

Unfortunately, I am experiencing a setback where I have to take a semester off due to foreseen – and unforeseen – circumstances. For the foreseen, I have to get my students ready for their finals which will induce the most stress so I was going to take a semester off anyway. However, when I was meeting with my academic advisor I was met with “unforeseen circumstances” of still being on the waitlist for my necessary classes. I should have been annoyed, but I wasn’t because we found a solution.

Simply put, I’m pushed to the semester after next i.e. July where I’m guaranteed entry. The only downside to it is that I’ll be taking two classes instead of one so I can keep to my graduation schedule.  Still, it’s not going to take time out of my summer holiday because (1) it’s the summer and (2) the classes I chose I’m already prepared for. I have a Screenwriting Class and I already have scripts ready. I have a Sci-Fi and Fantasy class that I’m already knowledgeable. (Want me eat those words. ha ha ha). So, I’m going to be on holiday and in school like I was in Spain. This is going to be fun.

Please don’t forget to follow me on my social media platforms (TwitterFacebookInstagram, and Goodreads) on my web page’s right side. Also, I love hearing suggestions of what books to read outside of my norm (Science fiction and Fantasy) as I am a part of the Goodreads’ reading challenge for 2024. For this year, my goal is 150, and I’m already at 78 (52%). Given that I’m in school and teaching English, I will blast through this challenge.

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