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Wow…Time Just Flew…

by dimensionaltales

In three more days, the students will be home having a long well-deserved rest as they bring in the Chinese New Year. They are extremely excited and they should be. They have been working extremely hard for these last five months and – let me tell you – World Literature and Economics have been a real doozy for them. I can attest to the World Literature part; teaching it has been quite a welcoming challenge. But, now, it is time to enjoy the next marvel…Philadelphia.

After four years of being away, I’m finally able to go home and see my family and friends. I’m finally going to be able to walk around Center City. I’m finally going to see all my old stomping grounds. I’m quite curious to see what has changed and what remained the same. I’m definitely going to visit the Gayborhood. My friends have already called dibs on the locations of where we’re going to do the celebration. They’re just as excited as me – almost. I mean…I’m pretty freaking excited.

My grandma is also pretty stoked about my return. She promises to cook every day and I don’t doubt it. However, I did advise her to not go overboard since I’m going to be visiting and re-exploring my beloved city. I don’t think she was listening; I wouldn’t be surprised. Additionally, the fact that I get to see my little brother, again, is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. I can’t believe it…I’m finally going back home.

Of course, my students want me to take pictures of my city and I’m way ahead of them. I’m going to be taking pictures like there’s no tomorrow and sharing them with them. I should start packing…yep! Definitely needs to start packing. I do know that I need to buy some things when I get there because of the snowstorm. You know… things like boots, a transpass, and extra thermals.

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