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Yeah, I Felt So Dirty…

by dimensionaltales

Dangerous Daddy series by Alex Anders

I was advised by a circle of friends that I need to start reading LGBTQ+ literature more frequently as a form of research since I will be release related content outside of my crime series. Then, funny enough, another circle of friends suggested reading erotica so I can work out the romance/sex scenes a little better. Actually, now that I’m writing this, I’m thinking that they had ulterior motives for that advice. Haha!

The Dangerous Daddy series is an erotica series that was lumped together into one book and I just manage to stumble across it while strolling through the Audible catalog. I had to admit: the title was enough to entice me in reading it. But the content…that was something that caught me off guard. I mean REALLY off guard.

Each story has a submissive bottom with a dominant “daddy” that they are eventually drawn to. And, in each story, the daddy is someone in a position of power. You know? Army man, cop, harden ex-con, domineering father, the usual. And, one-by-one, the younger man succumbs to the manly allure and gets their “darkest fantasies” fulfilled in every way possible.

Yeah…I’m only partially ashamed of how turned on I was after reading them all. Only partially…he says unconvincingly. Admittedly, I did need to work pass the mental block I have in regards to the “stepdad/stepson” porn category. But Anders did a really good job with the storywriting and making me feel little dirty after I was done.


I’m going to give this a B- but this is probably a little skewed because this is the first full-blown (phrasing…sorry) erotica I’ve read in, like, two years or so.

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