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Luck Be A Charmer, Tonight

by dimensionaltales

Lucky Charm by Romeo Alexander

I’m starting to develop an affinity for LGBT Romance and erotica but it has to have some kind of story to it. Yes, I know that’s pretty lame but it’s me and can’t be helped. Don’t judge me. Haha! And, with most stories, I like a little suspension of disbelief. So, Lucky Charm is one of those books.

Romeo Alexander is starting to be a small favorite of mine as he has a knack for putting some sort of supernatural element. Truthfully, it on a very small level but visible to the readers. That’s where Charlie Cooper, the main character, comes in. How? Well, he has a particular power that’s a bit of a double-edged sword.

What’s the best way to describe it? Well, simply put, he’s a power of luck through a kiss. But, he’s essentially giving away some of his luck to his kissed target which leaves him with bad luck. Pretty cool, right? Now, take that and add a man with a bit of a gambling problem. Yep! Something to marvel at. Even better? All of this started because of a fated encounter with his love interest: Dutch.

Yeah…Dutch thought Charlie, who was recently employed by the hotel, was meant to be his escort for the night and Charlie, with a nudge from his willful friend, went along with the charade with one rule: no kissing. It was weird, at first, until he explained why. (No, I’m not going to tell you why.) But, I can tell you that it gets really funny, really fast as the date progress. Especially since Dutch managed to find a loophole in the one rule in order to shag the uptight staff member.

But, when he revealed his power to Dutch which made the rest of the night go downhill from there. I mean…think about it, how would a gambler react when he just shagged somebody who has the power of luck? Haha! I would have, personally, kept that little detail to myself – no matter who I’m dating. But, in the end, after some yelling and self-discovery, the book made a nice little ending for Charles and Dutch.

I’ll give this book a B+ because it’s the first LGBT Romance series that was hardy and warm-ish.

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