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Just Working Out That Writer’s Muscle

by dimensionaltales

“His elegant writing grows ever purer…ever stronger…” – a modified quote from Xianghua’s stage of Soul Calibur 3

Haha! Yeah, I’m using a video game quote because, not to toot my own horn, I am getting much better with my art. Sure, I believe that art is like a muscle that needs to be exercised. However, this particular art I was told that God blessed me with at birth and the school system, along with my mother, told a special interest in honing it. So, I’ve always been improving my writing. But, it took me releasing my first book, realizing my idiotic mistake, and understanding my dreadful grammar was when I started to invest the majority of my time in refreshing my mind in the art. Fair warning…this will be a really short review.

Sandy Marsh wrote the Writing Best Seller series as a way to help, remind (in my case) and educate writers of various topics. Now, before I get to how great series, let me get one thing straight: I REALLY don’t know how many books are in this series and the proper order. Nevertheless, I counted six books and that’s all I’m going to let these books get their shine:

I did this because I want to create a notebook of rules and go-to lessons for future usage. And each book did its job in the most exceptional way. This review is going to be short because it was more of a refresher course for me. Nonetheless, the way she explained things was pretty straightforward, yet very detailed. Think of each book as a college course for creative writers. I strongly suggest giving this a series a look if you’re serious about flexing your writing muscles.

I mean, seriously, I think I filled up about 30+ pages, altogether. Yeah, I even impressed my little brother as he read my notes and asked, on a few occasions, “Don’t you already know that?” To that, I would reply, “Yeah, but most of these notes are not for me, per say.”

I took a lot of notes and give each of these books an A because I already knew some of these rules but it was nice to be retaught.

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