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My One Word? Take A Guess

by dimensionaltales

Your One Word by Evan Carmichael

When creating and running a business, it’s been made sure that you need a brand that’s easily identifiable to the public. Unfortunately, I, like most entrepreneurs, don’t really know where to start when the inevitable task present it. Luckily, I’m currently subscribed to a YouTube channel that is dedicated to helping people “believing in themselves and achieving greatness”. The channel’s name is Evan Carmichael and this bloke is brilliant. I love his energy and dedication and when I learned that he had written a book…

Yeah, this book was written by Evan Carmichael and it’s basically a reiteration one of many things he has been teaching on his channel. One of those things is building your brand and, in his simplest explanation, should really revolve around one word as it’s the easiest approach to the matter. And, when you think about it, it makes prefect sense. If you go by one word, creating your business model and making decisions will become a lot easier. A great example is Evan Carmichael.

His one word is believe. I know…it look simple but the way he explained it in his book gives it a whole lot more meeting behind the word. Simply put, he believes in himself, he believes in you and he believes that you have the potential to do something great. This is actually why he does what he does. He wants to see people succeed in life and he believes that they can do it. Even better, he showcased the business model of other companies to further prove his point about the importance of owning your one word.

Throughout the book, he assigns the reader various exercises in order to help them find their word and, basically, get the ball rolling. Even I did the exercises. I mean…I got the book so it would have been in my best interest to do them. There’s a good amount of them and, after doing them, I know my one word when it comes down to my writing. It’s really funny because my theme (Duality) for my storywriting actually leads to my one word: Knowledge.

I love understanding both sides of a conversation and thus gaining knowledge from both sides. Yep yep yep, business-wise, this was the most important book I’ve read to date. Because of that, this book is another A+ for me. You need to go and buy this as it’s a must have for entrepreneurs

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