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Things You May Need To Know About Me Part II

by dimensionaltales

Let’s continue from yesterday’s post as you get to know me better. This is actually quite fun.

I was in foster care and I was also the cause of it. A lot of the problems that have plagued me throughout my life can stem back to my time back in foster care. My foster parents were the worst and enablers to their entitled sadistic nephew. But it was a prison of my own making because I was the one who called DHS on my mother. After all, she refused to put me and my brother above her vices. I never told her this because I haven’t fully forgiven her but I did tell my brother who assured me that he wasn’t made.

It’s a losing battle to put me against my brother. You will always lose.

– my response to people who tries to lie about my bother

I am the closest to my younger brother. I am always quick to talk about my younger brother. I will take any opportunity to praise my brother and all of his wonderful contributions to my life and sanity. He has always been my biggest cheerleader and the only person that I’m willing to tell everything to. He was also the very first person that I told about my homosexuality and he took me to my first gay bar. Our bond is the strongest that I have in the world and, as many learned through failed attempts, has become unbreakable in our adult years.

I’m a millennial – on paper. It’s exactly as it sounds. I’m a nerd. I was born in 1989 and am a 90s baby. However, that doesn’t make me a millennial. I’m obsessed with social media like my age group or like the same things that are stereotypical of them like selfies and such. It throws people off when they meet me. I just tell them the same thing: “I’m a millennial on paper. Don’t overthink it.”

You’ll be surprised how far you can get with a genuine smile and sweet ‘Hello’.

It’s really easy for me to make friends. I am my father’s son. It has always been told to me whenever I talk about how I manage to get things done and meet new people. Though stoic on the first contact, I am easy to approach especially at a bar. I even encourage it by starting the conversation. I love meeting new people and learning about their life, belief, and ideology. It’s always amazing to know that you can never meet the same type of people twice and I thrive on that knowledge. That being said. I do value my alone time and, ironically, I must confess that I’m a bit of a homebody.

Beers don’t get me drunk. Trust me, I’ve tried. On numerous occasions. Now that I think about it, that’s probably the reason. I’m an avid beer guy. If you ever see me at a bar, nine times out of ten, you’ll see me chugging a pint. My favorite brands are Blue Moon, Heineken, and Corona. However, I’ll never turn away the opportunity to try new types of beer.

I’m an avid reader. This should come as no surprise since I’m a writer. I mean…I have expressed my love for reading in numerous posts throughout my blog. I’m even part of the yearly GoodRead Challenge that I’ve managed to complete every year. While science fiction and fantasy are my bailiwicks in regards to writing, I love reading whatever I can get my hands on and force myself to finish every book that I start – even if I don’t like it.

I’m a feminist. This is something that people tend to figure out the longer they hang around me. Let me give you some background information. I was raised by a single mother when my dad died. Then, I was raised by my grandmother and my female-dominated family. All but two bosses have been women. So, at a very young age and henceforth, I was exposed and raised by – and around – strong women who showed me that women can do all that a man can do. Sometimes, even better. They also taught me how to be an authentic feminist by treating the opposite sex as an equal. To acknowledge what they are capable of, you know? Because of this, I am proud to be a feminist and I’m quick to knock “man-hating feminist” down a couple of pegs. One thing to know about me is that I’m always one for equality.

I’m a gay black American from Philadelphia. There’s no way you can out-sass me.

– My response to a entitled mother

I’m very fluent in sarcasm. It’s something that one will immediately experience with me. It’s my default and increases when I don’t like a person. Then, it will magnify ten-fold if you have done something that angers me. I’m not one for anger because it will quickly turn to sarcasm. I’ll explain why later. Just know that my sarcasm is always in good jest around my friends – both old and new. My family says that this is one of many “British” traits that I got from my dad’s side of the family.

My ideal guy leads me to a particular sexual preference. My ideal guy is more masculine than me. That’s something I have no problem admitting. It’s also why I’ve always dated Latin men. When asked why I give this explanation: “I need someone to keep me grounded when I’m hyper. And since I’m black, I feel that the logical choice would be to date a Latin man.” All of my boyfriends have been of Latin descent.

I’m a bit of a coward when it comes down to the horror genre. I’m not shy to admit that bit of information. Horror movies have to be watched during the day and had to be followed by a comedy movie or two. However, I will never watch Nightmare on Elm Street because, even in my 30s, Freddy Krieger still gives me nightmares.

Come next as I continue to tell you more details about me. Cheerio!

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