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Things You May Need To Know About Me Part I

by dimensionaltales

So, as we draw closer to the release of the first short story of the Short Story Project, I thought it would be fun to divulge some fun fact about yours truly. I have forty of these so I’m breaking it up into four posts. I hope you like it.

Being gay is a blessing in my eyes. You tend to get away with only the few things that matter.

-My response when I give a girl a compliment

I’m gay. I mean…I don’t think I have to tell you that bit of information, do I? It’s on almost every blog post that I’m a raging homosexual. Although, I did lose my virginity to a woman in school only to figure out that something was missing: a penis. My “coming out” story wasn’t anything special. Just a moment in life in my life that I felt that it was time for those closest to me to learn something else about me. Something essential to my core character.

I’m religious, not a jackass. There’s a big difference.

– My response to the Westboro Baptist Church

I’m a Christian. To the overzealous religious nutcase i.e. The Westboro Baptist Church, this may come as a bit of shock. But, yep, I’m a Christian. I was raised Baptist and used to enjoy going to church until the hypocrisy became overwhelming. I’m still a God-fearing man, just under a non-Denominational type of light.

The worst thing you can do is piss off a nerd. Especially one from Central High School.

– Anonymous (laughed so hard at that comment)

I’m a Central High School graduate. Oh, yeah, I’m the proud member of the 266th graduating class of Central High School. My middle school teacher, Mrs. Robinson, and a few other teachers pushed me to challenge my intelligence. I even managed to cultivate some lasting friendships with my fellow Lancers. Central also played an integral role in strengthening my story writing muscles.

There’s nothing wrong with me.

I have a mental health illness. Yes, I have a mental health illness. ADHD to be exact. I was diagnosed with it when I was in the first grade after a clear pattern was spotted by an attentive teacher. Now, medication was the first step but my mom wasn’t a big fan of what it was doing to me so my therapist provided a different approach: Hyperfocus. I was taught to use my love for video games for holding my attention to something – or someone – else. A common tactic for me is to picture them as a video game character so I can maintain focus. But after I get to know them, I can dispense with the illusion because the person has officially become more interesting than the character.

Words aren’t the only thing that I’m skilled.

– My response to someone who unestimated

I’m trained in martial arts. I may not look it and I sure as hell don’t act like it but I’m a martial artist. I’ve trained under the discipline of Tae Kwon Do and Karate since I was in middle school. It wasn’t my idea because I wanted to do other things but I was dealing with family members who thought they knew better which didn’t work for them in the end. Full closure: I was a total cunt as a child when someone tried to dictate, instead of a guide, me. Tae Kwon Do is my favorite fighting style because it utilizes my legs but fighting is more of a last resort for me. A very last resort for me.

I’m Black and then some

I’m mixed. Yep yep yep. I’m Black when I fill out an application. However, my father is British and Bahaman and my mother is African American and Native American. I’ve even learned my father’s London jargon from my memories of him.

Of course, I do. Who doesn’t love the theater?

I love musicals. I mean, I adore musicals and I love the idea of a story being told through songs. It’s absolutely fabulous. Like most kids, my first musical was a Disney movie. However, my favorite musicals from Broadway will always be Rent and Next To Normal. A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder and Dear Evan Hansen is a close second.

I’m a TEFL teacher. You may already know this if you have been following my blog. I’m a TEFL teacher in Chongqing, China and I’m nearly done my first year. I was supposed to be on this journey a few years back but I was railroaded by people that I thought were my friends. Nonetheless, I made it here and it is doing a wonderful thing for my writing and cultural bone so that makes me happy.

Oh, yeah, I’m the Black Mage of Gaming.

– a joke made to my friends

I’m a Class A nerd. Oh, yes, I have nerdism coursing through my bones and blood. Video games and science fiction has been my main bread and butter since I was five. Later on down the line, I became an avid reader of the science fiction and fantasy genre when I started to learn how to read. By the time I got to college, I found my way to comic books, Dungeon & Dragons, Magic The Gatherings, Chess, technology, and cosplay. I don’t have the time frame to practice cosplay but I love seeing it and learning about it.

I’m academically trained to design games. I have a Bachelor’s in Game Simulation and Programming and developed an objective mind when it comes down to designing games. On paper, I’m a Game Designer. However, if you ask me, I’ll tell you that I’m always playing the dual role of Game Designer (what I have my degree in) and Game Writer (what I’m equally good at) and both of them I’m really good at. I know how to look at a game and tell if things are really needed for it.

Come back tomorrow to see more of this list.

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