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Things You May Need To Know About Me Part III

by dimensionaltales

Continuing from my previous post back on the 6th, I want to reveal more information about myself before the release of my first short story. I have to say this is quite entertaining.

The “Dimensional Author” mantle wasn’t my sole idea. Funny enough, it was actually a joint meeting of the minds of brothers. My brother pointed out that I’m pretty good at writing stories across a wide selection of genres. Science Fiction and Fantasy are my favorites but I’m very much capable of writing a good story in many other genres. That’s where the mantle came in. Plus, it’s a play on my favorite Science Fiction TV Show: Twilight Zone.

Being the “Dimensional Author” means more than my central theme of duality. Duality is a central theme and you will always see it in my writing. I will always try to look at both sides of an argument or topic when writing. But there’s more to it than that. It’s a reminder to not allow myself to be pigeonhole to a set genre. Being an artist means to explore and strengthen my craft.

I already have my endgame planned out. It’s not what you think. There is no way I can stop writing. I don’t think my brain will let me. However, I do have an end-goal in mind as a way to give back to my communities. It’s actually why I’m a TEFL teacher. I want to save enough money to start my own Artist’s House/Cafe as a way to usher in the next generation of artists. I also want to teach Creative Writing.

You’re wasting your time, dear. Politics is always on deaf ears with me.

I detest all forms of politics like The Plague. I HATE politics. I hate talking about it. I hate reading about it. And it’s the least favorite topic of mine to write about so I have to work really hard to make it something I can write about. I’m getting the hang of it but I still despise talking about it. I won’t talk about it outside of my writing.

I’m stubborn because I am. It has nothing to do with the zodiacs.

I don’t believe in – nor care for – astrology. All I know is that I’m an Aries. I also know that it’s a Fire sign. I don’t know what that means and, frankly, I don’t really care. Unless I have to incorporate astrology into my writing, I’m not going out of my way to research them.

I actually don’t like getting my picture taken. Getting my picture taken was a major stepping stone for me because of that reason. It’s not because of that Native American superstition; I don’t believe in superstitions. No, the main reason is that I don’t know how to be me when a camera is shoved in my face. My face goes blank and I can only sport a look of seriousness as a smile would feel forced.

Me: Leon, you can’t punch every person who calls me ‘Uncle Tom’.

Leon: Why not? I can do with a hobby.

– a conversation with my brother

I’ve been subjected to racism and colorism; more colorism than racism. I’m a light-skinned African American man. But, ironically, I only experience a handful of racism. My real woes come from the first part. My light skin. Colorism is what I have to deal with in my life. I have to deal with other black people telling me that I’m not black enough for so many different reasons, primarily because of my achievements and life choices. I can not tell you how many times I’ve been told that my skin tone was the key role in all of my blessings and accomplishments. Additionally, I can not tell you how many times my brother has punched people in the face because of that assumption. It’s the main reason why I’ve become so detached from my community on certain topics.


My favorite video game genre is RPG, but my favorite game isn’t one. I’m an avid gaymer (gay gamer). My favorite video game genres are RPG (number one), Platform (number two), and fighting games. However, my favorite game of all time isn’t an RPG. It’s a hybrid of dance/fighting. It’s called Bust-A-Groove. The second installment (Bust A Groove 2) was much better than the first one and I still have the songs on my phone. I mean, seriously, I can play that game all day.

Jazz is actually one of my favorite genres of music. I have a wide collection of music. A lot of them fall under the category of R&B, Pop, Gospel, KPOP, and video game music. But Jazz has always been on the top of my list. It has always been the one genre of music that has proven to be therapeutic to me. Whether it’s lively or melancholy, it always seems to pull me out of a funk.

I am not close to my mother. Don’t get me wrong. I love my mom and I’m grateful to her but I haven’t fully forgiven her for the nightmare she had me and my brother endure. It also doesn’t help it when she tries to guilt-trip me knowing that it’s not going to work on me. My brother had it harder than me because I saw it for what it was but he was too young to understand. Now, we are on casual speaking terms due to my grandma’s encouragement. However, I haven’t gotten to that point where I’ve forgiven her 100%.

Come back tomorrow as I finished up telling you more things you need to know about me. Cheerio!

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