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Teaching A Newbie

by dimensionaltales

Working in the gayborhood offers me the opportunity to meet many people from many walks of life. It grants me the ability to learn about other countries and what’s going on there. This week, I got to meet a very handsome Lebanese man who just came out to Philadelphia – and out of the closet – for an exchange program. This weekend, I got to teach this hottie, the way of American Gay Life. No! Not in that way, you naughty minx. I went in a different direction. Side note, I can’t say his name because of the current climate in Lebanon regarding the LGBT+ community. Guess I can cross Lebanon off my list.

Since I work very closely with other bars, including my own, I get to know where the traffic is coming and going. So, I got to tell him where everything was. Woody’s, Voyeur, BoxerPHL and other LGBT+ establishments that would suit his fancy. However, there was another problem that was surfacing with him. See…he just came out and comes from a country that oppresses our community. So, coming into a city that welcomes it was a bit overwhelming to him. This is where I came in.

Over the past couple of days, I got to teach him the American/Philadelphian lifestyle in the LGBT+ community. I showed him where everything was and how to talk to people among our fellow gay people. Luckily, he’s a lean active man with an accent and a nice smile so it should be easy for him, right? Except, he’s really shy. I mean…I managed to get him talking by being me. Here’s the main part of the conversation:

Guy: “How do I talk to guys?”

Me: “How do you mean?”

Guy: “You seem to have no problem talking to guys. How do you do it?”

Me: “I’m just me.”

Guy: “Huh?”

Me: “You say you’re shy, right?”

Guy: “Yeah…”

Me: “But, you can start talking when approached, right?”

Guy: “Yeah, of course.”

Me: “So, play to your strengths, mate. Let them come to you.”

After I got off of work, I took out to Gay Pizza when he got done hanging out at Voyeur, a place where he got to dance with his shirt off. But when it came down to actually talking to a guy, I had to step in and give two simple suggestion: Forget about what he learned in Lebanon and take off his shirt. The look on his face was priceless. I laughed and told him to trust me as I turned my head. He took my advice and did what I said…and…lo and behold, he got noticed and started a conversation with other guys.

He was ecstatic about the whole thing and told me that being the States is so liberating. I told him to be himself and everything will come into place. He asked me if I can keep hanging out with him.

“Of course,” I said, “I’m always down for hanging out.”

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