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How Far I’ll Go

by dimensionaltales

So, quick fact! Did you know that, when planning to teach in another country, your name on EVERYTHING they ask you to provide has to identical to your federal documentation? Sounds simple, right? Well…tell that to a man with two middle names and only one of them has been used all of his life. Haha!

Yep! I had to start my visa process all over because my employer saw my federal name (Justin Eugene Malik Pyfrom) and noticed that my name on my other documentation was only using one of my middle names (Eugene). Personal choice, really. When I was younger, I was told to pick one because of the fact that I didn’t have enough room for both. So, I just stuck with Eugene. Fine with the federal government when applying for a job in the state, not so much when you’re working aboard. Took an entire month to correct everything and extra cash out of my pocket.

When I told my brother all of this, he asked me if all of this was worth it. I just gave him a look. Strike that, I gave him “the look”. That look that says “that wasn’t a smart question because you already know the answer.”

In the meantime, the only thing that’s left for me to do for my work visa is to do my physical. Going to do that in the second half of this month since I also have to stock up on pants and sneakers. Asia doesn’t really have a Big & Tall so I need to buy them by the bulk. I think 10-12 pairs of pants and four sneakers will suffice. I mean…I can’t take winter clothes with me until I get there so I’m working with my grandmother to send me some winter clothes when the time comes.

I even made a list of the countries in planning on visiting between contracts. Some by myself, some with friends. Either way, I’m so pumped for this new chapter in my life. New adventures to be had and new challenges to overcome. Even new friends to be had. It’s exhilarating!! I encourage you all to do the same.

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