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by dimensionaltales

Well, I just got done with Short Story #24 and, that was AFTER I got done with three classes and a workout session. Needless to say, I feel delicious and want to swirl a chair around in a celebratory fashion. I’m definitely going to buy a computer desk and a swirly chair when I get done with finalizing my budget for my literary projects. But enough work talk, let me tell you something interesting that happened to me this week.

My principal wanted me to start taking the helm on some projects/outdoor learning with our students. Now, before I get into the meat of the story, allow me to explain how the academic center works here in Chongqing (I can only speak for the city I’m in, not China as a whole).  My classes are much smaller than the classes in primary school. At max, I have ten kids which can still be a handful because…well…they are kids. Haha! Anyway, we handle three types of classes: indoor, outdoor, and VIP (online or one-on-one). Outdoor classes are any classes that take place outside the center and it usually has an overall fun activity. Now, this is where the story starts.

Last week, I ran a Mother Day’s class that had me teaching the kids five keywords (love, Mom, red, pink, and flowers) and one key sentence (I love…). It was a great success so I was asked to lead the next outdoor class. I said under one condition: “We need to start teaching key sentences – not just words.” They claimed it would be too hard for the kids but I just said two words: “Trust me.”

So, this week, we taught the kids how to make lava lamps. As usual, we had keywords (water, oil, paint, and glass) which were the ingredients for the lava lamps. As for the key sentences, I made sure that they could say “I have…” and “I want…”. Easy, right? Well, I wanted to challenge them just a little bit. It’s not enough to teach kids. As teachers, we have to guide them, too. That’s why I added something; I made sure they said “Please” and “Thank you.” Additionally, they had to know that some of these things can’t be eaten or drank (“Yes, I can”/”No, I can’t”). In closing, for a 30 min. class, we taught the kids the following:

  • Four keywords
  • Four sentences
  • Manners
  • Safety

You think that’s a lot. So, did my principal. But, surprisingly enough, in the end, the kids were saying “Please” and “Thank you” without having to be told. Everybody was impressed and, now, I’ve been given more responsibilities outside of my own workload. Well…not a whole lot more but I’m happy, nonetheless. Plus, I got praise from my SA (Student Advisor aka My Boss) and my principal (aka everybody’s boss) so, all and all, a job well done and a great way to close out the week, don’t you think?

I mean, seriously, the headache of scheduling, planning, and meetings aside, being a teacher is a real beauty. But, now, I know how the teachers back home at the States are going through. This is quite a lot of work but still so much of a delight. I can see myself doing this for a long time. Maybe even as a Creative Writing teacher after I gain some experience in the world of book writing and publication.

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