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Meet Me Halfway

by dimensionaltales

Rather I’m meeting myself halfway. I took an extended break from my Short Stories Project because I managed to write twenty-two short stories before the beginning of May. Plus, I have been neglecting the other projects that I was working on. So, I took the first full and half week of May paying catchup. Now, I’m back to work on my Short Stories Project with a few updates on everything – both in and outside my life.

First and foremost, I finally got my gym membership. Haven’t used it, yet, because I’m the only International teacher left at my campus due to the active travel ban. Still, I’m happy that I have it because I’ve been aiming for it since I got here so I’ll get there. Actually…I can get there today because it’s my day off and I wanted to my workout at night, anyway. Fewer people, you know?

Mother’s Day was a day of work, too, but it was beautiful, nonetheless. I sent my mom and grandma a message before going to work. Again, until the travel ban is lifted, I’m the only teacher so I had to teach numerous classes on Mother’s Day. However, I didn’t mind it because of what I was doing: We were teaching the kids to say “I love Mommy!” or “I love you, Mommy!” It was so wonderful because not only was the kids being taught English, they were being taught how to express positive emotions. I still can’t stop smiling even though I was tired as all holy hell when I got home.

I also took a moment to work with my best friend – and future ex-husband – Maarten Olaya (click here for his IMDb page) on a passion project of his. A film for the QFlix Festival. He called in a favor, gave me the pitch and I said, “Yes!” We literally just got finished with the script and gave it to the director, who said “Yes!” before we even got started on the script. Full closure! I initially said “No” because I want nothing to do with the film industry but he managed to convince me by promising to keep me out of the limelight. I hate politics of all forms.

1fb09c49ba039d71bdaad57e5ade836aOh! Before I forgot, did you all manage to guess who’s the next adult entertainer I just got done interviewing? He’s going to be the focus on Book 3 of the Sexy Entertainer Sitdown series. And his name is….wait for it…AARON SAAVY!! We actually became good friends in the process which is even cooler.  He was an absolute delight to hang out with and the most difficult to interview because of the drastic changes that were happening in both of our lives i.e. COVID-19, my moving to kQIx0qzn_400x400China, and things like that. You guys are going to love this interview because – like Jaxton Wheeler’s – there’s wisdom with his age. I had so much fun hanging out with him and I pray we continue to be friends in the foreseeable future. Finally, I suggest following Mr. Saavy on his social media platform (OnlyFans, Twitter, and Instagram). Oh! I should probably mention that this interview isn’t going to be released until much later in the year.

I’m getting a nice steamroll going for 2020-2021 book lineup…and it’s absolutely delicious!! I’m going to spin my chair in a celebratory fashion.

Now, please, don’t forget to follow me on my social media platforms (TwitterInstagram, and Goodreads) which are on the right side of my web page. Also, I do love hearing suggestions of what books to read outside of my norm (Science fiction and fantasy) as I am a part of the Goodreads’ reading challenge for 2020. My goal is to read 100 books this year and I’m already at 55. Probably end up reading 120 before the year is out.

Also, buy Not Afraid of Dick: A Sitdown with Dante Drackis, which is out on Amazon and Kindle.

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