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This week has been incredibly slow due to me looking for a job, waiting for an interview call while working through the last Heroes story for my Dimensions series. Winter is always a slow season for merchandiser because clients don’t need the assistance of us…at least, not until the spring. So, I have to look for an additional job. This is something I’m kinda not used to because I like having one job which won’t be the case when spring rolls around thus making it a little harder to manage my writing schedule. Something I’m just going to have to work through, I guess.

Today, I start writing the short story “A Gift to Humanity”, a personal favorite of mine. The story will explore the unsung heroes of the medical field and my experiences in the hospital as a kid. I’ve always seen doctors, and such, as white mages from RPG. Healers and all that. So, I’m going to have a grand old time with this one. After that, I’m going to keep the momentum going with the Villain side of the story before leaving it alone for a month.

But I won’t be sitting on my arse since I do have other stories that I need to write the backstory for. After realizing that I don’t like the layout for the first book for the Queerful Eyes series, formerly known as Queer Eyes (still looking for a catchy name for my LGBT+ series), so I’m tearing everything down and starting it back up, again. Always remember ladies and gents, 90% of writing is rewriting.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot to talk about since I’ve been job-hunting, playing Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (trying to get ready and defeat Yiazmet for the first time) and preparing to write this beautiful short story. This weekend is going to be nice…I hope…maybe if I get a call back for an interview.

Now, it’s time for me to start my day. Please, don’t forget to follow me on my social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads) which are on the right side of my web page. Also, I do love hearing suggestions of what books to read outside of my norm (Science fiction and fantasy) as I am a part of the reading challenge for 2018.

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