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Relaxation Among Gamers

by dimensionaltales

Sorry for the late entry. I got caught up with hanging out with my friends and playing some games and completely forgot about my blog entry. But, alas, it shall and will get done.

This week has been nothing but fun and excitement for me. Friends continue to show support and admiration for me following my dreams – finally. Most of them found the stories to be really dark but expected nothing less from me when writing short stories. However, surprisingly, a few of them was expecting the stories to be darker. I guess I’m going to have to show me how dark I can be in my next installment of Dimensions. Just remember…they asked for it. Ha ha ha

Now, I haven’t been doing a lot of story outlines because I’ve been working on my buddy’s project for his production company. It was actually pretty nice to give script-writing another chance. Plus, this time around, I got to learn how to write a proper script via books at the library. That’s right. I’m that bloke that still goes to the library; I like the silent and occasional solitude. Plus, there’s just something about the atmosphere of such a building that makes me smile.

Also, I have been catching up on some of my video games collections. I recently beat the first installment of the Fire Emblem franchise and I’m becoming more of a fan as I continue to play each installment. The aspect of permanent death forces me to think before I move and plan everything out before executing it; it’s something I apply to my life and my career because, like in the game, there are consequences to not thinking ahead. I mean, I can still be impulsive from time to time but, when it really counts, I plan everything out before executing the first step.

I’m also, finally, making some headway with Horizon Zero Dawn. I bought the game on its release day but shelved it since I wanted to beat the games I already have. But, oh my goodness, it’s so worth it because it’s absolutely beautiful!!! I spend about half my time admiring the scenery and the intriguing focal points within the main story. Furthermore, I so love the dystopian future regarding the rise and usage of machines. This game is going to take me a while to beat. I can guarantee you that. Haha

Finally, I have been getting myself ready for NYCC. I don’t cosplay because it’s not my cup of tea but I LOOOOVE seeing other people’s take and feel on various characters in the sci-fi, comic, video games and various other pop culture. I can’t wait to see what cosplay I will encounter this year along with creating more memories and forging more friendship. But! I shall report on my expectation and hope around the convention.

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