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by dimensionaltales

First thing first, anybody who has admiration for the horror movie genre and/or Stephen King should different go see IT. The movie is a remake of the American-Canadian supernatural horror drama miniseries that aired on ABC in 1990. And I must say this version is ten times better than the original; this is no small feat.

I tip my hat to the team between this version. Especially Bill Skarsgård. He played the role of Pennywise to perfection and I’m pleased that he’s coming back for the sequel. What makes it better was that I was watching American Horror Story: Cult almost immediately watching the movie so, safe to say, I had my full night of terror. Watching such brilliant horror films and shows, I have created a great appreciation for the genre and it was a nice to get a legitimate break from my writing regimen.

Now, nightmares aside, I did have to return to my regimen but not in the way you would think.

I was given the task of writing a script for an indie production company that my buddy runs. The purpose was for him to have a tv series to his name since he already has small commercials and an indie film to his name. Interesting enough, I already have a script for a 10-episode season written out three years ago from a previous project that fell through the cracks due to the lack of ambition from the team who hired me.

Now, I told him that I’m not really attached to the script so he can keep it. However, he seems really adamant about me sticking with him on the script/series growth because he has a good feeling about this. So, I told him that I would increase my involvement in the project after I copyright the series. It makes sense since the series is based off one of my stories from my book Dimension: The College Years. Finally, and more importantly, he made me promise him not to talk about the project in great details until actual progress has been made. Which means, the only thing I can say is that I’m helping a friend with a potential indie tv series.

Honestly, I’m excited about the project but I’m not holding my breath on it. It’s mainly because I’ve been a part of enough “failed” projects to grow pretty numb to the process. Therefore, I’m always going to have writing book as my PRIMARY focus towards my career path. I mean…I’ll perform some scriptwriting duties but only if I KNOW the project is going somewhere. Let’s call it being professionally cautious.

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