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Now, I’m A Bit Worried

by dimensionaltales

This coronavirus is really putting a damper in my life as well as my friends and family. Well, more their lives than mine because I’m still getting paid and I’m still able to write, which is my other source of income. So, I’m fine but my friends and family aren’t really doing so hot. Well…some of them, anyway.

My friends at the bar I used to work at (Toasted Walnut) and drink at (Jocks and BarX) are working with what they got. As long as they are vigilant in spotting flu-like symptoms and follow precautionary measures, they are allowed to remain open to the public. Luckily, it hasn’t put a dent in their business and I’m happy about that. It makes me feel a lot better to know that people are still trying to have a good time during such a crisis.

Unfortunately for me, I can’t go to a bar because they are all closed until the end of April. For China, last I checked, no one is allowed to go back to work until the end of April and teachers aren’t allowed until the end of May. But I’m hearing a lot of things so I’m praying that it’s not accurate. I would really like to get back to work. My brother and I were joking about the fact that I picked a marvelous time to come to China. He also made me promise him that I would talk to him every day to show him that I’m okay.

“You do know I’m the big brother, right,” I said.

“I can still worry, can’t I,” he said.

Well, that’s brotherly love for you. It’s funny, really. He’s more worried about me than I am about myself. Guess that’s the great thing about having siblings. They know how to show your worth. Plus, they know how to motivate you with your writing. He was on the phone with me when I was finishing up my 13th short story. Basically, I have a 24/7 cheerleader by my side. Haha!

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