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I’m Working With The REAL Thinker

by dimensionaltales

It is at this point in the week that I have acquired everything I need to write my crime novel series. Well…the first installment of it, anyway. Two notebooks that won’t bend (don’t know the name of them), four types of index cards (storyboarding for the books’ particular format), markers and a host of new pens (G2 .05, of course). Wish I had a whiteboard, but a wall will have to suffice, for now. But, as I was shopping at Office Max, something hilarious occurred to me.

Over the past three months, I haven’t had a chance to read any of my Kindle, yet. It’s funny…I have over twenty books on there (mostly sci-fi series) and I haven’t gotten the opportunity to any of them. Why? Because I’m at Barnes & Noble collecting reference books for my buddies’ projects. Adding to that, my colleague, who I lovingly call DeVoe gave me two more books to read about NLP (Neuro-linguistics Programming) and Conversational Hypnosis for work and research.

Speaking of my colleague, let me explain something about him. This man has two Masters, a Ph.D., a 210 IQ and is practically the male version of Amanda Waller or even Clifford DeVoe (hence the nickname) with the skillset that he has. Slowly, he has been teaching me to apply what I’ve learned to the field and, after learning that I’m a writer, to my work. Best part…he’s a wife who was a cheerleader. You CAN’T tell me there isn’t a God. Haha!!

Additionally, I get to joint down notes and observations for my book and journal, respectively, so I’m never actually bored while I’m in the slow parts of the day. You have no idea how many short story ideas I have concocted in my little journal at this length of the job. Plus, I can’t get in trouble for it because “It makes me look busy”. God, I love loopholes. Haha!!

Speaking of which, I need to get ready for work. Please, don’t forget to follow me on my social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads) which are on the right side of my web page. Also, I do love hearing suggestions of what books to read outside of my norm (Science fiction and fantasy) as I am a part of the Goodreads’ reading challenge for 2018.

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