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Common Lesson Commonly Overlooked

by dimensionaltales

Have you ever met a person that thinks the world owed them something? I’m sure we all have but let’s take it a step further. I’m talking about that one person who thinks that everybody is supposed to march to their tempo and believe that they are the center of the world. Oh yeah, we all know somebody like that. See, this week has been the same as last week with one crucial difference: I watched a narcissistic prick get put in his place.

See, there’s a customer at my job that wanted to buy a phone. Easy enough. One problem: he came when the store was packed with customers and we (a colleague and I) were already assisting other customers from the start. We started to see the man brush past waiting customers to demanded that he be assisted next. My colleague asked if he was paying a bill (respectfully, mind you) and the man said no, he was looking for a phone. 

So, we told him that he needed to get to the end of the line as it wouldn’t be fair to the other customers who have been waiting. Now, of course, the others were already annoyed by the man’s behavior. And, it was about to get worse…

Suddenly, the man claimed that he shouldn’t have to wait in line with “these people” and, then, ordered us to help him or he was going to call corporate. My colleague looked at me with a smile and ask if I wanted to “take the lead on this” (our code for putting someone in their place, for a lack of better words). But I shook my head citing that I haven’t finished my coffee and followed up by saying, “He’s all yours.”

The whole store watched as my colleague eloquently, and swiftly, knocked the man off his pedestal. My colleague reminded the dumb bastard that, for all the money and ego that he may have, he’s still another bastard in a suit and will follow the rules of the store like anybody else. “It’s either that or get the hell out of the store.” Sooo, you imagine what happened, next? The man just up and left as the store applauded; I guess he was appalled. haha!

That’s one thing, I’ve always had to be reminded growing: never let your head get too big. Because God has a way of knocking you down a couple of pegs and, sometimes, it won’t be pretty. You have to humble or, at the very least, respectful of other people. Even I had to learn that the hard way and I’m a somewhat of a better person because of it. I mean…I still have my moments but I know when to take a step back and shut up from time to time. Ha!

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