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A Brighter Day & A Friend of Light

by dimensionaltales

There is so much work that I have completed for my pending release of my SS Project and my teaching responsibilities is actually stabilizing it now that the summer vacation is coming to an end. So, I go back to having two days off a week and I think I can get all of this short stories typed up and send off to editors before the end of the month. But that’s a story for another time. Right now, I want to get into the second part of what I happened to me.

Last week, I talked about my quadruple attack of racism and prejudice that left me in a state of tears (click here to read). It was the first time in a very long time that I cried because I’d always tried to be a good person and, although I’m aware that there are hateful people in the world, I didn’t realize that so many hated all my kinds.

I was over it and another one of my good friends, Martin, grabbed me to have to sit-down with a little insight of his own. In this exact words:

“Nobody deserves to cry…Being shunned is the time to be reminded of one’s worth and time to reinforce the wonderful human with a glorious gift that you are.”

Martin S.

To put it simply, he believes that nobody has the right to make another person feel like crap over something that can’t be controlled. Furthermore, he openly detest people who has a superior complex due to their perceived notion that their skin tone, upbringing and “status” makes them above everybody else. I mean, seriously, you should hear this man talk. Though his immediate profession is photographer, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was a diplomat or something like that in his past life.

Any way, he went to say the following to me that really hit home and made me smile even wider:

Your gift is the ability to connect over a glance and a smile and develop a living world with someone through genuine empathy, care, and love. Your writing is the thing that just makes you more cool alongside the sharp mind that you have and a “no bullshit” approach through life.

Martin S.

I mean…that was the nicest thing anyone, outside my family, has ever said to me. My younger brother commented that he was a true friend with graceful maturity. Even told me to he’s someone that God planted in my path for that specific purpose: to remind me of who I am. It’s because of that Martin that I was able to go on with the rest of week with my head raised a little higher. I feel amazing. Absolutely amazing and it’s because of my friends and friend who let me put my trust in them.

God is really good at his job of watching over me, huh? Ha ha.

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