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Ready To Go Into Abyss

by dimensionaltales

I am so proud and excited to announce the grand opening of a new podcast that my good friend, Brett Walker, has released to the public.

Brett and I are teachers in China. You know, that I’m an English teacher in Chongqing. Brett is a music teacher in Beijing who just so happened to be a gifted writer in the realm of theater and literature. We met during the COVID-19 lockdown and on Grindr, of all places. But, we heard the word “artist” and became the quickest of friends. Artists has to stick to together.

We spoke about our projects and one of this projects was a podcast that will dive into the realm of horror in a really interesting. Side note, he already told the story and I will say nothing. Ha ha. Lucky for all of us, it’s free to listen to and the story will be worth the wait.

“Join Collin King and The Arcane Trouveurs as they explore the mysteries behind the world’s greatest horrors in this Lovecraft inspired podcast. Episodes update on the 4th and 18th of the month.”

You can check it out at the following links:
Website: https://thearcanetrouveurs.buzzsprout.com/1295810
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/0i2Pp0t90Aj0E5Y5l0yT3f

It’s also available at the Apple Store. Just know that I will listening to this with the lights on because I am a punk when it comes down to the horror world.

Now, please, don’t forget to follow me on my social media platforms (TwitterInstagram, and Goodreads) which are on the right side of my web page. Also, I do love hearing suggestions of what books to read outside of my norm (Science fiction and fantasy) as I am a part of the Goodreads’ reading challenge for 2020. My goal is to read 100 books this year and I’m already at 98. Probably end up reading 120 before the year is out.

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