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With Friends Like These…

by dimensionaltales

China is a country that can be welcoming one minute and elitist the next. I had to deal with people trying to parent me only to try to befriend me when I prove that I won’t be bullied. It’s been an ongoing cycle for a good while now, but I’m not here to talk about that today. But, right now, I want to talk about something that made me smile today.

So, what was it?

Well, I had a wonderful surprise presented to me today. I got to talk to my best friends while university. They messaged me through Discord and we ended up talking about life and plans for a partnership. To put it simply, I was invited to be on the podcast that they have been running for a while now and this wasn’t the first time they asked me. Unfortunately, I had to decline their offer again and the time difference between us would make it almost impossible to join. But that’s not to say that I didn’t have other ideas.

I’m actually still going to be a part of the podcast, but behind-the-scenes. For example,  I’m creating topics for each show and a writing project that will feature all of us. Right now, I’m worldbuilding for it and everybody is very excited. I’m using a book called The Worldbuilder’s Journal of Legendary Adventures: Create Mythical Characters, Storied Worlds, and Unique Campaigns to help me create the world. I think everything will be done – worldbuilding-wise – by the end of the year…I hope.

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