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Triple Threats? Triple Stress? You Bet!!

by dimensionaltales

Well, since the first novel of my crimeverse was typed up and put away for a while, I’m now tasked with hiring models the professional and lengthy way. Yes! It will be my first time utilizing a professional website/service. Yes! It will be my first time being the only one who will be picking the models. Yes! I understand that the models have to be sexy and closely resemble the characters in my story. Yes! I’m fully aware that, if I pick wrong, the characters will not pop and my book series will be dead on arrival. Yes! I am clearly in a panic right now, but the book isn’t the only reason.

See, as an author, I’ve come to accept the fact that there’s a certain amount of stress that comes with the job. In fact, I’d prepared for it with calendars, schedules, rest days, and all that. Furthermore, I knew that there was a certain level of stress that would come with being an educator and a grad school. Again, I prepared for that. However, what I didn’t prepare for was all of them hitting me all that once.

See, the last two weeks, I had midterms to create, conduct, and grade. Along with that, I had a final paper to do for a school. Then, on top of all of that, I had to finish typing my novel. Now! I was almost with my novel anyway and my final paper practically wrote itself, but that wasn’t the point. The point was what was happening to me. I was getting hit with three stresses all that once and I didn’t see it coming. I got overwhelmed so hard and so fast that I just shut down; I wanted to be left alone and I made sure of it. I made sure no one spoke to me that day (Friday) and weekend; my rest day turned into a weekend of rest. A much-deserved one, too.

I’m fine now. Even though I’m panicking about my Literary Theory class as I’m not really the analytical type. Plus, I don’t really see myself utilizing any of it as a storyteller. Nevertheless, I’m going to give 150% of my effort. Who knows? I might actually become good at this; I’m definitely going to learn something new from it. I can say the same thing for this casting call that I’m going to be leading. Good Lord…I’m growing, aren’t I?

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