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Start of Something New

by dimensionaltales

So, my first book (Dimensions: The College Years) was released to the public via Amazon. The process took nearly eight months to complete due to a wide variety of reasons but, nonetheless, I am overwhelmed with pride and joy that I have finally had a completed project under my belt thus effectively beginning my career path of a writer. Or the author, whichever one you prefer to use.

Now, while the book is complete and released, you can’t expect me to stop at just one book, right?

Of course not. I am already working on the second installment of the Dimensions series that will be a little darker than the previous installment. I’m also taking an avant-garde approach as I’m working on an LGBT series but I need to get approval from certain channels before continuing.

Please, as I am following to begin regularly blogging my life and progress as a writer, check back regularly to see how my series is going and what fresh ideas I’m coming up with along the way. Also, you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and my Author Central Page (Amazon) – all listed at the bottom.

Twitter: @DimensionAuthor

Instagram: jpyfrom

Author Central Page – amazon.com/author/justinpyfrom

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