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Sometimes Research Takes Down Interesting Avenue

by dimensionaltales

Celtic Mythology by Philip Freeman

(Disclaimer: this will be a short review!)

As I stressed in a previous post, research is very important in writing stories, especially in video games. Furthermore, I was instructed to read Celtic mythology after expressing my desire to add a personal touch to it. Why Celtic? Well, most of my friends have Irish ancestry in them and I have some British ancestry. And it’s a good thing I did, too, because it was a wonderful read.

CuChulainnAt first, I thought I was going to have an encyclopedia of things Celtic mythology. Instead, I got a more intimate telling of stories about the famed fictitious characters. Cuchulain and his rise & fall to heroism was my favorite one and Final Fantasy XII did a piss poor job of presenting him. I mean, seriously, does this look like a handsome hero: Cuch

My other favorite one was the Salmon of Knowledge and its link to Finn MacCool. This tale shows the might, love, devotion, and vindictiveness of a hero. Oh! And when I say vindictive, I mean letting your brother die just because he feels for his wife. Petty but common in today’s standard.

This mythology is going to get a B+ from me.

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