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Ooooh, Criminal Minds Can Learn A Thing Or Two

by dimensionaltales

Killer by Nature by Jan Smith

In Shonda Rhimes’s Masterclass, she eloquently pointed out that one of the many great things about being a writer is that it’s the only job that no one has to hire you for. I love that because I noticed with Audible is that, quite literally, if done to a certain standard, anybody can create wonderful piece for the world to see – or hear – without much outside help. What also interesting to notice about my choice realm of art is the variety. Take Killer by Nature, for example. Up until this point, I never thought I would be able to listen to a “season” in an audiobook format.

Well that’s not entirely true, since I originally wanted to make my LGBT crime series into weekly installment. But I got nervous about (1) I didn’t think anybody would interested in that format and (2) I didn’t know where to begin with it. But after listening to this Audible Original, I was thinking in a completely different rhythm.

Killer by Nature is a psychological thriller that followed Dr. Diane Buckley, a freelance forensic psychologist, and her associates are called in to examine a body found in a children’s playground. It’s business as usual until the MO matches the ones of her jailed clients, “The Playground Killer”. Doesn’t make sense, right? Especially since, they’ve already arrested the bloke, Alfred Dinklage, for the murders. And the plot thickens as the psychopath’s manipulation began to take a toll on all parties involved leading to some devastating consequences.

The twist and turns was amazing and the payout in the end left me in breathtaking awe. I’m not kidding; I was on the bus gasping and dropping my jaw with everybody watching and laughing at me. But I didn’t care because it was just that good. Also, the side story revolving around the daughter of the main character was a great way to relax the pace which I could appreciate.

This series better get a “Season 2” because it was amazing. Everybody’s personality and motivation was flushed out and properly woven into this story. Even better, I have to give a standing ovation to Robert James-Collier for his portrayal of Alfred Dinklage. He made it very clear his character should not be trusted but, while manipulating the cast into agreeing with him, he was doing the same thing to the listeners. You even felt pity for him here and there. I mean, I wouldn’t call him a sympathetic villain by any means but…

Anyway, this original is getting an A+ from me as I want to see another installment.



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