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Same Author, Different Focus

by dimensionaltales

Creative Writing Career 2 by Justin Sloan

If you want to read the first book I enjoyed by this author, just clicked here.

Much like the previous one, I reviewed, and the first book of the series, Justin Sloan interview different writers from different series. It’s quite literally the same formula as the first book.

So, with being said, I’m doing to give you a small list of the writers’ credits include such amazing titles as:

• Big Fish
• Batman
• Game of Thrones (my personal favorite)
• The Crow
• Divergent
• John Carter
• Brave
• Yesterday’s Gone
• Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
• Sandman Slim
• Jurassic World

So, with that being said… it’s going to get the same review as the first one: an A+. Come to think of it, I would suggest reading the review of the first book as it’s basically going to be the same for any book of this series.

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