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Magic and Sex Isn’t That Odd Combination

by dimensionaltales

Escape Artist by Romeo Alexander

Romeo Alexander is quite the gifted romance writer. He has a certain flair in the genre that I respect and can really make some interesting characters. If you don’t believe me, read my review on The Lucky Charm here. However, this time around, he decided to take a more…theatrical storyline to the same setting. Trust me…it’s really good.

This time around, the story involved murder and Rico, a homicide detective, working the case. It’s also worth mentioning that he’s also suffering from survivor’s guilt. So, you could imagine that he’s looking to start fresh. Now, he’s in for a world of magic thanks to Jett Richards.

Jett Richards is a magician and the main suspect to a murder that has his reputation on the line. This led him to Rico and offering his services in the investigation. Some would think that would be a bad idea in hindsight. But some of the best fun can be had off of a bad idea.

For example, Jett managed to make Rico smile on numerous occasions. No small feat given the detective’s stoic nature but, you know, survivor’s guilt and what not. He even managed to work his way in the detective’s pants twice and get the best fuck of his life.

All and all, the story ended on a high note after the murder was solved and the two decided to become a couple. This book is being scored a B+ because of its brilliant pacing and characters. The plot could have been resolved much less cheaply.

Oh, fun fact, the model who posed for both of the novels in this series is Daniel Sobieray and he’s sexy as hell. Follow his social media: (InstagramIMDb & Twitter).

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