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Old School JRPG meet the 21st Century

by dimensionaltales

Name: Asdivine Hearts

Platform: Varies (Played it on the PlayStation 4)

Style: RPG

Publisher(s): KEMCO

Developer(s): Exe Create Inc.

Release Date: February 1, 2016

Date of Completion: April 3, 2018

I don’t know about you but I sometimes miss the old school JRPGs (Japanese RPG). Don’t get me wrong, I love Skyrim, Dragon Age and the many MANY Western RPGs on my completed list but JRPGs are my true pleasures in the RPG genre. A character-driven storyline that removes all the smoke and mirror from the gameplay. That’s why I love Asdivine Hearts so much.

This game is the first one I’ve played of KEMCO. For those who don’t know, they’re a video game publishing company that specializes in handheld JRPG games. And, if their next games are anything like this one, they are going to have a fabulous future in the industry.

See, the story, itself, is something to be proud of. Two close friends come around a deity of light who ends up possessing a cat that they intending to release after nursing back to health. Without giving too much away, the three of them, and later two more women, embark on a quest to save the world from the looming evil that threats to destroy. But, you know something, the last few scenes and revelations of the story was the biggest jaw-dropper for me. I have to say, not a lot of stories from video games can make me cry (Final Fantasy XIII comes to mind).

Now, the story isn’t the only thing that caught my attention. The look and feel scream nostalgia. The graphics. The battle screen, The music. Oh my word, the music is so breathtaking; if I can find the OST, I will buy it in a heartbeat. Everything about it shows that KEMCO took their time with it and that they respect their gaming ancestry while keeping it current and fresh.

The only gameplay feature that really “current” is their Rubix Customization System (not the official name). This system allows the player to equip each character with a Rubix of a set dimension (4×4, 5×5, etc.) and fill it with varies puzzle piece-like jewels that are found and won from battle. Whatever you fit into the rubix, the character will be blessed with those bonuses. It can range from stats adjustments to environmental boosts (EXP boost, Gold boost, etc.). Kinda makes the system a game inside of a game, doesn’t it?

An added bonus to Asdivine Hearts was the load of extra content that’s made available to the player pretty early in the game. The usual being subquests revolving around running errands. But, there’s also a battle arena to extra EXP, treasure to dig for and, my personal favorite, an enemy guide that grows as you fight. Like I said, retro mixed with the 21st century.

I only have first world problems with this game. You know, no voice actors and all that good jazz. But, even still, Asdivine Hearts gets 10 out of 10 because the story was beautiful and, I mean…EVERYTHING was so perfect.

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sorceressjen 2018-06-10 - 01:54

I’ll be adding this to my list to play. I’m currently playing Ara Fell, which is an old school type like this and loving it so far.

dimensionaltales 2018-06-10 - 03:35

Another game I’ll be adding to my list, as well.


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