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E3 Ubisoft 2018 Press Conference

by dimensionaltales

Ubisoft is a game company that tends to surprise me every year – in a good way. Every year, they show me one game that always makes me say “Meh” but still make me want to buy it. Then my “Meh” turns into “Ah!” after giving into my curiosity. And, this year, I’m hoping to feel that same feeling.

Like always, they announced their latest installment to their Just Dance franchise with Just Dance 2019 with a bizarre, yet humorous, performance of many costumed dancers to show off some of the games to be expected in the game. Offhand, I could hear Camila Cabello’s “Havana” and Maroon 5’s “Sugar” so I’m excited about this one. I’ve always been a fan of music games.

Another smile formed on my face as the trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 was shown to the audience. I mean, this game looks freaking phenomenal as it shows off their story and cast. It even had some gameplay feature to showcase that the game will be cooperative allowing one to control ground and another for the air. But, the real icing on the cake…Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Yep! He made an appearance to discuss his company, HitRecord, and how he will be allowing fans to “collaborate with Ubisoft to contribute music, artwork and level design they’d like to see in the game.” This is going to be fun. Haha!

They talk about a small update that’s coming to Rainbow Six: Siege. But, Trials Rising is something I’m slightly interested in. It’s all about pulling off incredible stunts on motorbikes. Another game of intrigue was a horror VR game called Transference, which I will not touch because I’m a punk when it comes down to horror games.

Now, this time around, The Division 2 was properly discussed as the weapon upgrade system was explained in greater details. To put it simply, you have three specialties to choose from (Sharpshooter, Demolitionist, and Survivalist) and you can upgrade and improve your stats and abilities of that class. Even better, they announced that there will be three FREE DLC packs, each one a full episode in an ongoing story.

Another treat for the Ubisoft Press Conference was, yet, ANOTHER performance to remind the audience that Donkey Kong was coming to Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle: Donkey Kong Adventure. They even announced that Cranky Kong Rabbid is going to be a playable character. To further showcase their ever-growing bond with Nintendo, Fox McCloud is shown to be apart of the Nintendo Switch’s version of their new game, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, an open-world sci-fi adventure game.

Skull & Bones is a game that might give Sea of Thieves a run for their money. Not something I would fancy but I can see the appeal of creating fleets and fighting against others for loots and such. And though the crowd’s reception was positive, it went into an overwhelming uproar when Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey was unveiled. It’s like they completely forgot about the For Honor expansion that was announced.

Yep! Another one…and this time it’s tackling the architecture and landscape of ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War. But, there are two major changes coming to the franchise. One of them is that you have to CHOOSE between Alexios or Kassandra (sounds familiar) and the other being that you have to certain decisions in dialogue that will affect how the story will play out.

Yet, another solid press conference from Ubisoft and a well deserved 85 of 100.

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