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New Student, New Wisdom To Be Gained

by dimensionaltales

So, I have two new students in my Grade 9 class and two in my Grade 8 and with it brought a whole new set of challenges. However, it wasn’t as bad as my previous student. She was a total nightmare and all my students hated her. Even Jack-Jack didn’t like her – and he likes everyone. Anyway, I would like to focus on the two that I’m responsible for.

One of them is a young lady that has the aspiration of becoming a manga artist. Her English is fairly good and, while shy,  is very gifted. However, she hides the deep pain that she expressed in her memoir assignment. I’m not going to get into what she wrote but, I’ll be the first to admit, that I had to take a moment to collect myself. Yes, a fifteen-year-old almost made a thirty-four-year-old author cry. That girl clearly has a gift.

On the other hand, I have a young man who is clearly the sporty type.  He has the wickedest of tempers (typical teenage boy); I learned that recently. Apparently, he was misinformed about his school supplies (namely his laptop) and he was going bored and frustrated. This caused him to start falling asleep in class which led to him being yelled at by ours truly…and this caused him to lash out.  Everybody was wondering what I was going to do next; actually, I was, too. I didn’t want a repeat of my previous student. I didn’t want to lose my cool, again. So…I talked to him. You know, good ol’ fashion heart-to-heart after he calmed down. My heart was smiling at that and he’s much better if not a bit hyper. Still, what do you expect from a teenage boy?

Anyway, being a homeroom teacher is going to become a bit more difficult now that I’ve been tasked with getting the English Room up and running before the beginning of the next semester. That’s a long story and a post in it itself so, to keep it simple, we are creating a library full of English-written books for international students. This has now become a necessity for two reasons: one, China doesn’t like their books mixed in with others, and, two, which is more important, the owner of the school loves the idea and wants to capitalize on it. Regardless, I am here for it and loving this project.

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