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Mind Drools and Tiny Ghouls

by dimensionaltales

It’s finally happening. Sunday is the day I start my Master’s Program in English and Creative Writing and I couldn’t be happier. I finally get to go back to school and be a student – not a teacher. Well, I’m still a teacher but…you know…I already gave this song-and-dance. Instead, let me talk about why I have been so tired these last two weeks.

So, midterms have come and gone. Last week, it was all about preparing them for their midterms. Honestly, they were just as surprised as me at how fast they came. Two months went by very quickly and it was a marvel. Also…they were a marvel. All of my students passed their midterms with flying colors and I am so proud of them.

This year’s midterm week was odd for me. Thinking back on it and what I had to do last year, my workload has decreased in some areas and increased immensely in others. For example, I only had two midterms to moderate this year whereas last year I had like four or so. Another example is the amount of facetime I have with students. It’s not evenly divided anymore since, as a homeroom teacher, I’m spending more time with my ninth graders than the others graders. It’s pretty impressive that I haven’t lost my mind, yet, even though I have had my energy zapped more times than I anticipated.

All of this ended up to today. See, my students couldn’t celebrate Halloween because we all (teachers) wanted them to focus on their midterms. So, Friday was their Halloween and it was insane. I personally don’t celebrate Halloween but I did help them decorate the classroom, choose the party game, and provided the candy. And I mean a lot of candy. They all had a good time which made was all I cared about.

Of course, they asked me why I didn’t celebrate Halloween and I told them the trust. I’m a Baptist and my church doesn’t celebrate it; we left it at that and life went on. They asked about Christmas and I told them that I do celebrate that. Again, they left it at that and life went on. They also took the leftover candy as I told them I was not taking any of it home with me which they did not object to.

Now, the weekend has arrived and I’m about to relax with a well-deserved beer and a content smile. I must say…these have been a wonderfully eventful two weeks.

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