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Good Ol’ Country Loving

by dimensionaltales

Country Boys by Peter Styles

Cowboys is a bit cliche for me in the romance genre but it was recommended to me. Yeah, I still have a decent amount of research left to do so I’m still getting recommendations. This one is the most grounded and homey romance story I’ve ever read. You would think that would make it boring but you would be wrong.

Country Boys is a love story between Kyle and Allen Hale Jr. after the former returned home in need of a job and housing. It also didn’t help that his mother passed away and his sister dropped all communications. So, the only job Kyle could get was a ranch hand for a family he used to babysit for. Needless to say, Allen Jr. may be happy to see him but Allen Sr. sure as hell as it.

There was nothing but animosity between Kyle and Allen Sr. Nothing good enough for that man and, between his old age and tired bones, his patience was all but nonexistent at this point. Because of this, Allen Jr. was forced to play mediator while trying to romance his high school crush. Yeah, like I said, a lot more grounded than any of the other romance novels I read at this point.

I’m not going to explain the jumps and hurdles the couple had to go through since that falls into the category of spoilers. But, I will say this: “The father may be old but he’s not stupid.” Oh yeah, he knew about his son’s sexuality the entire time and said nothing. Kinda reminded me of my grandma when I came out to her. “Oh, please, I already had a feeling, ” she said. Oh, even better, his sister finally talks to him with some good news of her own.

All and all, the book was beautifully written and paced so ill give it a B+.

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