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A Very Intricate Dream

by dimensionaltales

Einstein’s Dream by Alan Lightman

Being a nerd can be a little difficult in my sales job which why I’m thankful for my boss. My boss is just as big of a nerd as I am. Nooo, he’s the bigger one because he was the one who put this book in front of me. We love about the various field of nerdism and he suggested that I give this book a read. His reason was pretty simple: “It’s sci-fi, Justin. Right up your alley.”

Einstein’s Dream is described as a “fictional collage of stories dreamed by Albert Einstein in 1905 when he worked in a patent office in Switzerland.” With his genius-level intellect and imagination, he created the theory of relativity and this imagines many possible worlds. A mouthful, right? Well, let me put this way. He thought up the concept of “The Multiverse”. You know, the setting that used in almost every comic you’ve ever read.

Yeah, Einstein thought up various worlds – or verse – which time moved in different forms and fashion. The book was 144 pages long but each chapter describes a different world which was both fascinating and thought-provoking. My personal favorite was the one that has the most unstable time flow. One step compels you into the past while another step can thrust you forward. Another one has its inhabitants moving with importance since time is moving at a much MUCH faster rate. Some are cool, some are hard to process and some are just cruel.

But I don’t want to tell them all. Give it a whirl, this book gets an A from me.

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