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Finally! Barcelona, Here I Come…

by dimensionaltales

Last year, China lifted the travel ban for obvious reasons, i.e., tourists make up most of their revenue. It doesn’t matter because I finally get to travel to different countries during holidays. At first, we were all hesitant about it because we didn’t really trust them (the government) so our boss volunteered as tribute. as he wanted to visit his family. He left and came back safe and sound so now we are all traveling to different places. For me, it’s Barcelona.

I’ve always wanted to travel since I got a teaching job in China. That was one of the top 3 reasons why I decided to teach abroad with the other two being worldly experience and teaching experience. Looking back, I didn’t realize that I wanted to be a teacher; I thought it was an author and that’s it. Anyway, because of COVID, all forms of travel became impossible and I had to put my dream of Barcelona on hold. For three years, it was like that and now I can finally go.

Spain has always been one of my favorite countries, along with Japan and New Zealand. And, now, as of this month, I am finally able to travel there. My flight is booked, my room and board are settled (I’m staying in a hostel), and my currency situation is being taken care of (currency exchange at the airport). I was advised to use a hostel as it would force me to engage with people. I’m an ambivert but a little more introverted than an extrovert so my family and friends figure that a hostel would be better for me. This is going to be interesting.

I even made a list of tourist traps to avoid as I want to check out the museums and beaches. I also want to visit The Gaixample, Barcelona’s gay village, for obvious reasons. I can’t wait to see how the people of my community live in Europe. Plus, it would be a bonus if the hostel were housing gay men. I mean…I did find it on misterBnB; it would be likely right? I might go to one club. Might! I’m not the biggest fan of clubs; I prefer bars.

Oh God…I CAN’T wait for this new adventure.

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