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“Can’t Change Who You Are”…

by dimensionaltales

I’m still making a list of remaining friends I want to spin a light on for the next few weeks of my “We’re All In This Together” segments. But, while I was working on that, I was working on my writing projects which has been going pretty well. But, along with that, something interesting happened this week. Something that gave me pause. Something that made me smile.

I started my new job at MetroPCS this week. Well…I’m in training but, nonetheless, it was my first week. Meeting the team was met with some criticism on how I’m really helpful with customers and the fact that I like to take my time with them. Granted, I made my goal of moving ten boxes (phones) and got nothing but positive feedback from customers but the higher-ups weren’t a big fan of my friendly approach.

My main boss, on the other hand, let me in on a little piece of information. He told me that my patience is the EXACT reason why I was hired. The fact that I had Brand Ambassador experience meant that he can trust me to take care of a customer without treating them like a number. Said that he looks for someone like me in each one of his stores and he got lucky with me. “Can’t change that quality about you, Justin. It’s ingrained in you.”

Adding to that lovely talk, I was at the bar, again, and I was working on my LGBT+ Crime series (making fabulous headway, by the way) and I had a gentleman looking over my shoulder. See, there’s a reason why I write in cursive and tiny and it’s for that exact reason. Though he couldn’t read my work, the wolf-like hottie (he was a bit hairy and muscular) just ask me what I was writing. I answered a story. He got the picture that I wasn’t going to tell him much about the series after what he did but tried anyway:

Bloke: “Why do you write in a public place if you don’t people to read it?”

Me: *hands him the book* “Can you read it?”

Bloke: “Nope…”

Me: “Precisely. It’s safe to write in public because most people can’t read cursive, anyway. It’s my personal advantage.”

The conversation shifted to the wolf telling me that he, too, is a writer and was genuinely curious about my wordplay and writing process. That felt much better than a creeper hairy guy looking over my shoulder and being nosy. So, we spend the next hour or so talking about what our writing goals and endeavors before my cousin (my mentor) arrived. Hopefully, I get to see some of his work in the future…I probably should have given him my business card before I left him. Oh well…if it’s meant to be, I’ll see him, again, right?

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Also, I have a lot of books to review and talk about you, guys, so be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks…that and a game I finished. I’m hoping to get through them all before the month is out.

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