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A Conversation Among Like Minds

by dimensionaltales

So, before, I get back to my “We’re All in This Together” segway, I have to say I met the most fascinating bloke at the bar for the second time. See, usually at the bar to write and drink while chatting with the bartenders to play catch up. I even talk to the bouncer as we’re both gamers (I’m a gaymer; he’s straight) and enjoy just talking about current events and various other topics. But, this gentleman was something else.

0His name is Paul D’Avanzo and, you can probably tell by his name, he’s Italian. Absolutely handsome but it’s his mind that kept the conversation going. See, he’s a Ph. D student at Temple University where he does research in Quantitative Social Research, Infectious Diseases, and Public Health. Sounds cool, right? It gets better. He zeroes in to put a greater focus on the LGBT+ community as it’s not having a lot of information made available to them regarding this topic.

As we discussed this topic and the other woeful entry in our community, I became a little intrigued by his contribution and work ethics. He has a very strong belief and opinion of “our” stories being told by us as it would make more of an impact than someone else telling. Me, on the other hand, I found it warming and a bit progressive that someone outside of our community is enlightened enough to tell our stories but, in return, did agree that it would make more of an impact if we were to tell it.

After having that conversation, along with many others, it gave me an idea for a future project to explore in my life. It also gave me a little bit more clarity of what we are dealing with – both inside and out. See, I’ve read scholastic essays before in college but it was for video games. This time around it was medical and it was quite enjoyable; I didn’t completely understand it but I still liked it.

I suggest giving some of his manuscripts/essays a read if you are interested in LGBT Health, Education and Social Service. Here is the link to his work (fair warning, you need to create a login in order to read it; it’s free): https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Paul_Davanzo

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Also, I have a lot of books to review and talk about you, guys, so be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks…that and a game I finished.

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