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Back Online & Where I Should Be

by dimensionaltales

Okay, now that I got my training (well, half of it, anyway) and my internet is up and running, allow me to update and gush with you all about the many things that I have experience with my two months away from my computer.

Chongqing, China is so beautiful. Despite the coronavirus outbreak that is going on, the city is a marvel and the people here are amazing. They are extremely helpful to foreigners being really quick to come to your aid when they sense that you’re at a loss. And let me tell you, this was often for me. I’m usually not used to this level of kindness from a mass. Don’t get me wrong, I have my family and friends back at the states who showered with unconditional love but that’s them. These are strangers and I had to accept the fact that they are going make me comfortable, no matter what.

Oh! And the food here is quite a delight. Chongqing is known for its spicy cuisine and they do not disappoint. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a huge fan of spicy food. That’s something that my brothers indulge in. However, I found myself enjoying them because of the way they are cooked and presented. You’ll feel a quick rush of spices and then…your taste buds will quickly adjust to it. Yeah, I’ve been eating out a lot before everything went pear-shaped.

Remaining on topic with the cuisine, I now know why Chinese people are so fit and healthy. Everything that’s presented to you is cooked in front of you and has vegetables in some way, shape or form. It will be either whole and in front of you, placed as a side dish, cooked into the meat or noodles or cooked into the booth. Sometimes it a combination of the four and sometimes it’s all of the four. You will almost always get your serving of vegetables when you’re eating out. On top of that, China doesn’t use additives or preservatives when making their food. It does cause the food that I’m used to, back in the states, to taste different but it’s a good thing…now. At first, my body had a reaction to it that left me in the bathroom quite a few times.

Teaching here is something else, entirely. It’s my first salary job and, no matter what, I’m getting paid as long as I do my job, which isn’t really hard. I love teaching, anyway, and I find kids to be a lot easier to teach than teenagers. And, these kids are antsy to learn. They actually want to learn English and they are so bright eyes and sweet. They also love the fact that I’m really tall. I’ve been hearing “So tall” ever since I got here. It’s really cute from kids but not cute when it comes to adults.

But, teaching isn’t the only thing I plan on doing here. I plan on traveling between my breaks and I have a list of countries I want to go to with friends. We already made plans to go to a few for 2021. Why 2021 instead of 2020? Well…I do have 45 short stories to write.

Yep…well…it’s more like 34, now. I got done writing the rough draft for eleven of my short stories as of today. I’m also finishing up transcribing the entire interview I did with Jaxton Wheeler while he’s working on an original photoshoot for the book. My friends and my brothers are waiting on pins and needles for them. One of them wants to be my editor for the Audible Project but I told him to steady on and wait until I get all the rough drafts done. Besides, some of these stories are incredibly dark and I don’t know if they can handle it. Oh well…I guess we’ll see.

Finally,  I want to assure you all that I’m fine and blessed. I’m always blessed. I am being safe per my principal/boss’s request/demand. Another thing about China. They are very protective of their educators. Gives me a warm feeling inside. Haha!

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