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A Teacher’s Guide To Teaching & Guiding

by dimensionaltales

The role of the reacher is of that of a parent but only on a smaller scale. As a teacher, we are tasked to not only teach kids to be intellectually progressive towards their education but, also, to be a respectable member of society. People seem to forget that school isn’t just for learning from books, but also to learn for the real world. Parents, especially, because they don’t seem to think that this is something to be of great importance. I learned that the hard way.

All of my classes were fantastic and the kids were, as always, delightful. The little ones have so much energy and, though they are tiny, they will drain me of all my energy before the day is done. And it’s always of a different reason why but the usual reason is that I actually play with them.

My favorite thing to do is act out the story and make them laugh before having them do the same. Works every time and they love every bit of it. However, I had one class where the naughty kids outnumbered the well-behaved ones.

That’s right. I had to deal with a classroom of ten students where only four of them were well-behaved and respectful. Usually, I have an age-old tactic of dealing with naughty groups.

It’s pretty straightforward. I just link the stars together and told them that if “one mess up, everybody suffers.” It usually works until I met these kids. They had zero respect for foreign teachers and had gone through three of them. Worst yet, they didn’t care about me or England (my Co-Teacher, CT) warning. This was unacceptable.

So, I’m going to demand the implementation of a disciplinary system for naughty kids. I already have a PowerPoint ready for them in my mind. I just need to put it on my computer. Basically, it’s going to force the older kids to either respect all adults or face some heavy consequences. My best friend, Levana, help me work everything out while we were shopping for our Pride Party. She has been my go-to guide when it comes to the motherly approach to teaching; David helps with my authenticity but he’s still stuck in Scotland. It’s time for these entitled older kids to get a heavy awake-up call.

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