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A New Skill Requires Guidance

by dimensionaltales

Screenwriting for Dummies by Laura Schellhardt & John Logan

For the time being, I’ll go back to Chad Lane and his Frat Gay For You series for a bit because a project required me to acquire a new skill: Screenwriting. And since I have learned from the ground up, I was going to need a crash course of this valuable skill to further my career as a writer/author. With that in mind, what better book to start off then one of the For Dummies series.

I’ve always been a fan of the For Dummies series. They know how to – well – break down a subject into logical steps and sections while dumbing it down to the most novice of individuals. That’s something I’ve always liked about this series. They just assume that you know nothing and teach you the core essentials and then some.

After finishing my read, my copy of this book is now littered with highlights and side notes. To make it even better, I managed to remember ALMOST everything after the first read. Luckily, reference books are meant to be bought, stored and revisited every now and again. This is precisely why I ALWAYS buy reference books in paperback form; it’s meant to be a willing textbook for career-minded individuals.

I’m always going to gravitate towards the For Dummies series because I can always count on them to educate me. Not only that, they make sure I remember and apply it to practice. A key example? Now…I always carry a small journal with me and it’s about ten pages full of notes and ideas. Pure genius.

Confidence is what I’ve had in writing a story. Now, I can add screenwriting to that list as well and it’s thanks to Screenwriting for Dummies. I cannot stress how helpful this series is towards learning, or improving, a new skill. I’ve even made a list of books I’m going to buy from the series.

Grade: A

If you want to purchase the book, you can do so at this link: https://goo.gl/UuYodk

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