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There’s Something More Intellect Than Humanity

by dimensionaltales

Fear is a very powerful entity. It’s quiet, subtle and smart. It’s actually much smarter than us and more precise. It knows how to divide and conquer and it always brings out the ugly side of everybody it comes into contact with. The worst part about it all is that, unlike its targets, it doesn’t discriminate. Doesn’t have to. We do that to ourselves.
The reason why I’m saying this is because I’ve been reading about so many different things that have been being on because of the COVID-19. And there has been an ongoing theme of fear and prejudice that makes me really sad about it all. Even my brother has no shortage of bad news to tell me about my own country and the non-sense that they have come accustomed to taking part in. The most common thing is the fact that they have been harassing and attacking anybody of Asian descent. Why?

Why let fear, hatred, and prejudice take over your logic and reasoning? Why let that fuel your actions? This is the time for everybody to come together and be there for each other. It is so much more simpler to just help people. Do you know how much energy it takes to hate someone? I do. It takes a lot out of you. It’s fucking draining for me. That’s why I try my hardest not to. The idea of allowing my heart to be filled with such an emotion is actually soul-crushing and mind-numbing. I don’t like it.

On the lighter side of things in my life, my brother and I have been enjoying watching our younger cousin lose his freaking mind about the fact that he can’t go outside or go to school. All his homework and assignment has been mailed to him and he’s not having any of it. He wants to be able to socialize with his friends and interact with life but can’t because of the quarantine. I mean, we try to calm down and explain the situation but there’s only so much you can explain to a sixteen-year-old without insulting his intelligence. He can’t wait for everything to go back to normal and I can’t agree more. 

I managed to get refused entry to a few establishments despite having a mask and my resident card on me. I even had a health code put onto my phone and that didn’t help me on a few occasions. As I said, fear is a powerful entity and it knows how to do its job effectively and efficiently. But I’m praying that everything does back to the way it was soon.

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