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From Brothers With Love

by dimensionaltales

My brothers and I have always had the greatest conversation when it comes down to the finer points of family value. Sure, I love talking to my Grandma and Mother but I’ve always been close to my little brother, Antonio, and my older brother, Carlton. Those two are the main reason why I have a phone; you know, besides work (begrudging) and other nonsense. But this past week’s conversation was particularly interesting.

Last week, I witness the termination of a manager from my friend’s company. The argument, if you could believe it, was over a fact over anime. That’s right…an argument occurred because of a wanker refuse to admit that he was wrong about an anime and proceed to insult EVERYBODY, including our boss and his wife while making the claim that he’s only standing up for himself.

So, to recap, he’s refusing to admit being wrong is his way of “sticking up for himself” since the previous manager uses to bully him. Then, he uses the same platform to claim that anybody who disagrees with him would be labeled as bullies, as well. Finally, he made it clear that, as an act of protest, he was going to do the opposite to teach them a lesson. You know…do drugs, party hard and despise with saving. Now, you could imagine how I wanted to approach the jackass but my brothers had a different idea in mind.

See, my brothers made it clear that I’m a man of words – not actions. Sensing that I was annoyed by that statement, my younger brother explained that I’ve always been able to rip a person to shreds with my words alone. I never had to put my hands on everybody because my words, alone, can cripple or raise people. When I expressed that I’m not that bad, both of brothers reminded me of numerous times on both occasions. Of course, laughter and painful realization surface my face.

Afterward, being referred to having Papa Pope level of anger, I realized that I’m not properly equipped to deal with an insufferable twat. I know that I was going to verbally dismantle the arrogant twat and, in the long run, would have made everything worse. Not everybody can handle my way of counsel and my powers of wordplay need to be controlled better. Some things are better off the way they are, there are just some people that just don’t want to be helped. Just something I have to accept.

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