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My Research Taken In A Strange Direction

by dimensionaltales

Conversational Hypnosis: A Manual of Indirect Suggestion by Carol Sommer

Have you ever noticed in a salesman’s job that they know how to meticulous when speaking? It’s like they’re choosing words very carefully for the most desirable outcome. What about therapists? If you spoke to a therapist, you may notice that they are really good at putting their patients in a state of calm, or complacently. Even better, have you ever read a book and can’t seem to put it down. There’s a reason for that and pretty interesting as it can be summed up to two words: conversational hypnosis.

Conversational hypnosis, or covert hypnosis, even funnier, sleight of mouth, is defined as “an attempt to communicate with another person’s unconscious mind without informing the subject that they will be hypnotized. The objective is to change the person’s behavior subconsciously so that the target believes that they changed their mind of their own volition.” Now think about that for a second and recall what I called in the beginning. Salesman. Therapist. Writer. You would think that one of these professions who would utilize such a technique but…

A scholar explained to me that, that contrary to popular belief, hypnosis, at its core, means to bypass the subject’s logic and reason to complete a single task. He demonstrated this by using my ADHD (my hyper-awareness to details and surroundings) to his advantage to make me hyper-focus on a single task. I chuckled because I didn’t realize that everybody was susceptible to such a thing. But the scholar made it clear that EVERYBODY is susceptible to it, just requires a different approach.

That being said, a salesman, like therapists, is meant to do the exact same thing but in a different format. They choose their words more carefully and avoid using particular words. That, in combination to neuro-linguistic programming, if they know how, makes them very good at convincing people to buy their product or service. Same for writing. If you know how to place your words carefully, you will be able to keep an audience of any subject you’re writing about.

This book took me for a ride…a very VERY intriguing ride that was also confusing, at first. The purpose of this book was to make a very powerful villain for my space opera series that was great with his words more than his powers. One of my friends suggests this book along with another one (neuro-linguistic programming) that I haven’t gotten around to read, yet. Still, this book is going to be read again because it would be interesting to see which would apply to me outside the realm of writing.

Grade: A-

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