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My Life, The Gay Life

by dimensionaltales

I know I’ve said it numerous times on various posts but allow me to say this key feature about me: I’m gay. Yeah, I’m not so obvious in public at first glance because of how I present myself. But, if you ask me, I don’t have a problem with admitting it. Just not going to vocalize to every John, Dick & Sally that comes by. Yeah, to be blunt, I have this notion that if you’re meant to know they’ll tell you.

That’s something I really hold dear: my privacy. I tell people exactly what they need to know. And I look at the news to see that these celebrities are scrutinized by the press about matters that don’t really matter. All for money, I suppose. I don’t know but when I see a reluctance to talk about something, that usually means that they don’t want to talk about it. Privacy should be respected. Or was I only one who was taught human decency.

The reason why I’m talking about this is that I recently saw someone at the bar I work at being a victim of being “forced out of the closet”. Said it would do him some good and threaten to “out” him, otherwise. You didn’t see devastation until you saw his face. It was the beginning of the end of a friendship. Even I knew it.

Later on, I spoke to the bloke and explained my story. I told him that I got lucky. I told the four people in my life that opinions really matter to me: my brother, my mother, my grandmother and my big cousin. And, when they all accepted it, I was good. My little brother even took me to my first gay bar, and club. After that, nobody else’s opinions matter. I quite literally didn’t care. I mean…I also told him to discard his pathetic lot of “friends” and come out in his own time. Moreover, he would feel better when it’s done that way.

It really sucks that there are people like that in the world but, alas, here we are. We already have so many outside forces trying to destroy us, we don’t need to do it to ourselves. Be safe and love each other.

Oh! And, p.s., only for this month, I will be doing my normal blog posting outside of book reviews on Sunday.

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