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Life Is Really Something, Huh?

by dimensionaltales

“If you want the people to understand you, invite them to your life and let them see the world from your window!”

Mehmet Murat ildan

What if Heaven functioned like a business corporation?

A Few Good Men In A Breakroom has an interesting story behind its creation. I was working on a book regarding an angel of death but found myself not enjoying the process of it all. Spoiler alert! It was becoming clear to me that the story was working itself out as an Audible in my head so I shelved it for later use. However, it did get me thinking about how angelic roles are given to their host.

So, I watched the CW show, Supernatural, to see how many different types of roles are issued to angels and began to formulate how the roles would be bestowed on a recently deceased mortal. Then, I took it a step further, like in Angel of Mine, and humanize them in a fantasy setting by giving them all basic angelic powers and each role their set of powers. This gave me something to refer back to for this story and any other story that will be using angels, especially the Angel of Death one. But that wasn’t the only one that thing was interesting.

The story is broken up into five mini-stories: the four men and the ambitious angel in over his head. I didn’t have to take long about writing them because I didn’t have, or want, to be as descriptive. The point of it all was to show the wonderful bleeps of humanity that people seem to overlook because of the terrible spreads that are always in the news. So, I wrote the core parts of the four men’s story. The key points that will show they got to Heaven. And, yes, I put a gay in there because, though people tend to forget, the LGBTQ+ community has a multitude of good people who are God-fearing. I wanted to make that point perfectly clear because I am, indeed a God-fearing gay man.

Now, for the actual angel, himself, I made the decision to make him the sole narrator talking to the sentient angel, aka the reader. This was because I wanted to give the overly ambitious angel the space to vent his frustrating concerns about the fact that he took on more than what he can handle. Sounds familiar? It should be because I made the angel a personification of one of my key flaws. Ha ha! 

Yeah, I don’t have a problem vocalizing my flaws because it’s a part of me. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to let people know that I do have a lot of flaws. I mean…a lot. One of the key flaws in my stubbornness, especially with my morals and ethics. It has always been a deciding factor when people want to be friends with me. I didn’t want my angels to be stubborn, or prideful, because that’s how Lucifer was born. So I chose another flaw of mine. I tend to “bit off more than I can chew”. In other words, I’m a bit of the overly ambitious side. It’s something that my family and friends appreciate but always worry about it because it tends to hit my mental health.

Anyway, Markus Carter did the book cover for this cover as well and I found that his minimalistic approach was, again, decisive. This is because I’m aware that people are more attracted to glamorously intricate book covers. So, I want to see how people respond to his style of illustration.

You can buy the book on Amazon. The link is here.

You can also learn about it on Goodreads. The link for it is here.

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