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Breaking the Habit (Pun Not Intended)

by dimensionaltales

The Healthy Habit Revolution: Create Better Habits in 5 Minutes a Day by Derek Doepker

Whenever I’m selecting a book outside my usual genre (Science Fiction & Fantasy), my approach is a little different. I want to be able to relate to the book from a PROFESSIONAL standpoint as opposed to a personal one. Reason being is because, usually, if I’m not reading for fun, it’s for growth. That being said, I like to talk about the first book I have completed of the yearly Goodreads’s Reading Challenge.

This educational book teaches the reader how to create and maintain a healthy habit that will benefit them greatly in, both, their professional and personal life. But, it doesn’t just do drop the knowledge of you; it eases you into the lesson. First, he discusses how habits works (the cue, the routine, and reward) and how it can be created for your own benefit. Not only that, he goes on to teach you how to maintain the habit by starting off small and upgrading it from it, making it manageable for the nervous one.

See, what drew me to this book was the professional side of my mind. I always want to improve myself and, also, learn about the human psyche. This book does both and it’s explained to me like I’m a freshman in college which I love. Even better, I found myself breaking some bad habits, like writing in my bedroom, and upgrading some of the good ones, like walking for thirty minutes every day.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I strongly recommend it to anybody who looking to better themselves via creating good habits and eliminating bad habits. Both the professional and casual minds of the world can appreciate what this gentleman has to offer in this book.

Grade: A

If you want to purchase the book, you can do so at this link: https://goo.gl/5drE8f

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