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Age of The Geek, Baby!

by dimensionaltales

“There’s No Secrets On The Internet. When Will People Learn This?”

– Alex Hardison

The duality of Alex Hardison

What if Alex Hardison didn’t have empathy?

Leverage has always been one of my favorite TV shows and Alex Hardison was the reason why (click here to learn more). He was like me in almost every single way as he was nerdy and funny with a loving heart. Not only that he was African American and sexy as all holy hell. I seriously had a big crush on him – and the actor – from the very beginning of the series. Looking back on that character, I had one question that led me to this question: What if Alex Hardison was evil? Well, “evil-ish” but you get my point. Nevertheless, the results were the same as A Sociopaths Con ended up being created.

Everything in the story alludes to Leverage and even down to the twist ending. I wanted to pay homage to the show as it was, indeed, a marvelous show because of the premise alone. At its core, it’s about the bad guys becoming the good guys to take down bigger bad guys to help the little guys. Like a modern-day tale of Robin Hood. So, I ended up going down that route when writing this story but I intentionally wanted it to be dark as…well…it’s me.

Anyway, I took the character of Hardison and did a 180 on his character and gender. The gender was because I didn’t want her to be taken seriously since it adds to her powerful nature. I did that to her character because I wanted to create a moment that makes the reader yell at the main character to stop pissing her off. This was going to be the running theme as Hardison, in the series, has been known to be very forgiving. I wanted the complete opposite and a reason for it all.

Everything in the story was going to be based on a con. That meant that the main character was going to be a conman that was going to be in conflict with this Hardison character. It’s going to be interesting because this is my first work on psychological writing. It’s not a thriller but it is psychological according to Jeremy, a good friend of mine.

By the way, Jeremy thought it was refreshing that I was going on that path and saw that I could do more with it. I don’t see it, though. It seems like a one-time deal. Let me know what you think after reading it. I’m eager to hear if I should turn it into another medium. And, with that, I hope you enjoy the story.

You can buy the book on Amazon. The link is here.

You can also learn about it on Goodreads. The link for it is here.

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