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A Hero of Time (Travel)

by dimensionaltales

A Question of Will by Alex Albrinck

As stated at the beginning of my blogs, bio, and almost every social media platform, I love science fiction. The genre is so vast and diverse in its approaches to a rather boring school subject (yes, I’m not that fond of science and, yes, I can see the irony). But one of the topics that science can’t seem to get a solid grasp on happens to be one of my favorite topics: time travel. And, the Aliomenti Saga series explore this topic in a conventional way.

I’ve read the first installment, A Question of Will, thanks to bookbub.com (check out the link) and instantly fell in love with the protagonist and his storyline. Of course, it was a little too fast pace and confusing but, if you hang in there, the story does not disappoint and does something doubly amazing: ties up loose ends before opening up new paths. You look confused…I was, too, but it slowly started to make sense as I continue to read.

See, the main protagonist, Will Stark, is targeted by a group who deems him the strongest among them and a traitor. One problem…he doesn’t know anything about this and was almost killed for it. It was only when he was rescued when things started to make sense. Take the case of mistaken identity and mix it with conspiracy theory, muddled training of newfound abilities and, if I’m being honest, the most disorganized rescue mission I’ve ever read. I mean, seriously, I’ve never read a mission before where the protagonist cocked up every corner of the book; it was actually refreshing as it had a bit of naivete to it.

The story ends with things starting to come together as the team who trained him are familiar faces, the man of legend has more in common with him than he originally preserved and the evil group ended creating more problems than they care to admit thus reacting in kind. This series was so funny and fascinating to me. Think about it for a second…all of this would have been avoiding if the antagonists got the right person on the first go. But, they’re going to get the right person this time around because, now, events have been set in motion.

I bought the first three books of the series (there’s seven of them) and it will read with great enthusiasm because this is a keeper. Nothing was really wrong with the novel because it was funny and action packed with the “Ah ha!” moment coming at the end. This right here…is a masterpiece. Mr. Alex Albrinck, you have another fan in me.

Grade: A+

If you want to purchase the book, you can do so at this link: https://amzn.to/2BdGcSh

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