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There’s Some Merit In Non-Fiction

by dimensionaltales

So, I just got done with another interview for the second installment for my Sexy Entertainer series and it was marvelous. I love the straightforward honesty this gent has about his personal and professional life so I think this one will be just as engaging as the previous one. Oh! That’s right… I haven’t told you who’s the second one. Well, time for the big unveiling…


Yes, THE Jaxton Wheeler. He immediately said “Yes!” upon hearing my pitch and, like Dante, told me that I ask him anything. The great thing about entertainers in the sex world/industry is that they are unabashedly honest and true to themselves. And if you thought Dante was blunt in his interview than you haven’t seen anything, yet.

I’m really starting to enjoy non-fiction to a higher degree. Still wouldn’t consider it my favorite as I like to keep my realm of imagination to the front of my mind. But, I have to admit, that the level of realism is something that the audience can immediately connect with. I firmly believe that this series has merit and I want to explore it as much as I can. I’m already in the works of scheduling three more interviews as we speak. A little more difficult than I anticipated, I have to admit, but it’s fun.

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